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Responses posted: May 13, 2009

I've always been interested in ethnicity and its connection to phenotypes. I'm pretty sure your Jewish (Ashkenazic) but what countries are your ancestors from? - Yitzchak, Tel Aviv-Yafo

According to my folks, I'm Russian, Scottish and Polish. Which means I can drink heavily, can't tan, and occasionally put screen doors on submarines. — Seth

Did you have to practice the voices you do for "Robot Chicken" (and other movies, like "Can't Hardly Wait" and "Party Monster") or do they pretty much come to you easily? - Kimberlee, San Jose, CA

I practice. To play James St James [in "Party Monster"] I practiced for months, studying any footage I had, making sense of his vocal cadence and mannerisms. It's different playing a real person as you have the burden of comparison and you want to celebrate the person with your interpretation of them. But I've always been a good mimic, so if I hear something, most times I can replicate it. — Seth

I just watched "Big Business" this weekend for the first time — you got tied up by Bette Midler in FAO Schwarz... Any memories / stories from this film, or were you too young to take it all in? - Thom, Seattle, WA

As an actor, working with those women, the director and cast was incredible. As a kid, working in NY and FAO Schwartz (surrounded by toys!) was the best. — Seth

Do you usually get approached for the cameo appearances that you do, or are they something that you pursue out of your own interests? - Scott, Baton Rouge, LA

Both. If there's something I like I'll tend to reach out. — Seth

Throughout your whole acting career, is there anything you wish you could re-do or make better? - Clare, San Diego, CA

There are plenty of opportunities I didn't make the most of, or wasn't emotionally as prepared as I may be now. Nothing I'd do over, just good info for me each time I try something new. — Seth

Does doing Chris' voice on "Family Guy" ever make you hoarse or give you a sore throat? - Brian, Colorado Springs, CO

Oddly enough, it's only hard to do if I am hoarse. It doesn't hurt or anything... — Seth

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